Warm welcome and greetings are bestowed upon the viewers of this page from the Kingdom of Meridies’ Bagatelle Pursuivant, Baron Wamba of Rising Stone.

The Kingdom Bagatelle Pursuivant is charged with the upkeep of the stockpile for Award Regalia handed out with Kingdom Awards.

Receiving an award in recognition of one’s service or skill at art or arms is, in my opinion, one of the most special parts of participating in the SCA.  I am deeply honored to be able to help bring joy into other’s lives by making sure the Crown has a supply of Award Regalia to bestow with awards.

Kingdom Award Regalia is neither bought nor bartered for.  Much as the scribes of this great Kingdom donate their time and materials to create the scrolls given out with awards, so do the artisans of fair Meridies give freely of their time and treasure to supply Award Regalia for its people.

If you are willing to make Award Regalia, please check the “Regalia Status” page for posts about the current needs. Once you have decided on a piece, please contact me using “baron dot wamba at gmail dot com” or bagatelle@kingdom.meridies.org.  I can then keep in touch and make arrangements to get those pieces from you when finished (either at an event or via “SCA post”).
Unless you have been asked by Their Royal Majesties to create a specific piece of regalia, it would be most helpful for all pieces to come through this office to be added to the inventory.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Baron Wamba of Rising Stone
Bagatelle Pursuivant (Award Regalia)
Kingdom Of Meridies